AMPLY Technology

AMPLY connects the digital biological biome to high volume peptide synthesis technology to unlock a new frontier in drug discovery. The AMPLY discovery cycle for novel compounds is rapid, effective and scaleable. 

Data Cloud

Digital biological data input

AMPLY can process genomic, transcriptomic, meta-transcriptomic, metagenomic or synthetic data.

Image by Markus Winkler

Deep mining

AMPLY uses custom data-scanning techniques to locate regions of interest in digital biological data that other tools miss.

Image by Markus Spiske

Machine learning and AI

AMPLY uses black-box unpublished machine learning and bioinformatic methodologies to highlight novel compounds using a complex web of over 450 metadata tags.

Image by Lukas Blazek

The AMPLYfolio

AMPLY uses approaches leveraged from predictive marketing and the financial services industry and creates a "stock picking" dashboard view of the data it processes. This allows a user-driven selection of novel compounds.

Science Lab

Peptide synthesis

AMPLY uniquely connects the digital discovery technology to high throughput peptide synthesis techniques. This facilitates the direct production of peptides of interest (or regions from larger proteins) directly. Essentially a 3D printing process for biological compounds.

Petri Dish

Lab validation

Once compounds are printed the AMPLY pipeline includes a full lab validation of the kill-efficiency of compounds against target pathogens. Additional testing, such as toxicity, anti-biofilm, biochemical handling criteria and resistance studies can be performed as desired. 

Circle Deco

Iterative learning

AMPLY's machine learning models are closely connected to the lab validation step and "learn" from successes and failures. This facilitates a constant narrowing and re-targeting of a selected pathogen based on a compound's real world performance.