Selected Case Studies

AMPLY is currently deployed on multiple research and development projects analysing a wide variety of biological data sources with our partners. Many of our products are in the process of being IP protected, however we are still seeking partners to progress some of our product lines.

Image by Esteban Lopez

Targeting multi-drug resistant bacteria with novel Cannabis compounds recovered directly from deep mining the genome

With bioclinical partners AMPLY located a series of novel antimicrobial peptides recovered from deep mining of the publicly available C. sativa genome.


These peptides are highly bioactive against MRSA, MDR E. coli and other key ESKAPE  pathogens. AMPLY's use of cyclical machine learning and lab validation achieved results with low cost and project risk. 

With good biochemical handling criteria, anti-biofilm activity, varied modes of action and low-toxicity and extremely rapid kill times (< 20 minutes) they demonstrate how with only a single genome under analysis AMPLY can produce a series of viable, IP protectable, novel compounds. 

Recovering novel small proteins from the skin and liver transcriptomes of Peruvian tree frogs

AMPLY can process publicly available digital biological data. But it can also process unique data collected at remote sites.


Members of the AMPLY team travelled to the Peruvian jungle to recover skin and liver transcriptomes of a series of frogs captured in the rainforest. Our focus was to analyse these data with AMPLY and recover novel compounds from them. 

As part of this analysis AMPLY demonstrated it's "region locating" functionality to synthesise regions from a series of target small proteins and peptides for extensive lab testing. Many of the resulting compounds from this study have unique properties: both antibacterial and antifungal with unique protective capabilities including a possible treatment option for a global threat to amphibian populations.

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Image by Hans Luiggi
Cattle in Pasture

Mining the bovine and ovine rumen for anerobically active peptides that can modify the ruminal microbiome

AMPLY has analysed genomes, transcriptomes and metagenomes of a variety of ruminal animals with a view to generating a holistic library of ruminally expressed compounds with potential uses in the production animal space.

Because of our expertise in the rumen microbiome derived from Queen's University, Belfast and Aberystwyth University, Wales we have access to unique opportunities to extract, tailor and test our compounds in artificial rumen simulations. 

Our lead compounds exhibit extremely low toxicity, a strong anaerobic performance and tailorable kill profiles against rumen and bovine-native bacterial and fungal species as well as the more well-known ESKAPE pathogens.