Unlocking an unlimited reservoir of novel next-generation treatments for animal and human health

Life finds a way...

The AMPLY platform is a pipeline that mines digital biological data searching for novel bioactive peptides with a focus on finding solutions to niche animal health and human bioclinical needs.


AMPLY has an extensive library of 20,000+ bioactive compounds. We also continuously supplement our database with machine learning approaches to locate unique antibiotics to tackle problematic pathogens: even those with no existing treatment options. 

By connecting this unique digital discovery methodology with next-generation drug synthesis technology and lab validation we can transition from digital data to an efficacious compound in a tube in days (not years).

AMPLY Discovery has won two Life Science Wales awards and been part of the BioAccelerate Wales and Lean Launch initiatives in 2019 and 2020. We have now been awarded a significant grant from the Innovate UK ICURe business development programme and are looking for partners to push our discoveries to market to target niche animal health problems with a focus on topical skin and tissue infection management.

Holding a Frog
Cattle at Sunrise


Targeting MRSA and Bovine Mastitis with novel Cannabis compounds


Digitising Peruvian tree frogs to find novel new skin expressed peptides


Exploring the rumen for new antimicrobials tailored for production animal use

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